BSE Forum: Reutilisation of natural resources for economic development


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Reutilisation of natural resources for economic development

Science is a methodology by which we can logically reason and implement knowledge to improve human existence. We seek science for our ease and developmental process, which in a way does and in a way does not. Science is also a boon and science is also a casualty. Science is casualty wherever and whenever it takes us away from nature and natural resources also when it forces us to depend on artificiality.

My perception of using any methodology should reflect the utilisation of understanding and resources whether human or natural or other material resources which can eventually support and nurtures growth or development that’s sustainable, progressive and last longing. We are in need of a new science which can be Progressive Science.

Since the Science entered more and more into human lives and their overall development, Man has been away from Nature and its resources which just doesn’t have supplementary role but it is at the very core of all the possible developments and growth. We witness abuse of natural resources and it has got us to the level where may be after certain decades we will find unable to even sustain our lives. We are in a transitional phase and we must understand the very need of reutilisation of natural resources which can be recycled and reunited with the nature in its pure form and henceforth be ever be available in its very rich form.

If we believe that we are progressing and our overall global economy is developing, I believe it is not. We find ourselves at some pick point because of the abuse of natural resources, which would fade away in few decades and then the cruel face of survival will arise before us. We are in the reverse direction. We have lost the connection with the roots and no tree can survive for long who has lost touch of its roots however green it may look for now. The same goes in our economic development.

Land – its fertility and other compositions, Forest wealth including wild life, Minerals, Climate conditions, Air and Water resources, Ocean resources each of these is deteriorating. We have the facts before us to accept this. No development is possible while its core components are deteriorating. We are in a very urgent need of resurging. We are in a very urgent need of taking pause for a while, to look at where is it taking us to for a while and come up with drastic measures to stop deterioration at the very first step, resurge them and find the ways to reutilise them in as possible as natural way so that we can once again enter into the era where life and all its developments become progressive, sustainable and long lasting giving us whole benefit of all that we are reaching out for or achieving.

As pointed out by Lewis, “Other things being equal, men can make better use of rich resources rather than poor.” And we are at dead stroke of this ‘poverty’. Urbanisation is one the key reasons to this state of poverty. I believe we should start thinking in terms of Smart Ruralisation in coming years can be the resolve and key to Real Development may it be economic or social or individual. We must take advantage of infrastructure and technology and other scientific aspects at the same time we must also consider to segregate ourselves in living terms and turn towards ruralisation once again but this time Smart Ruralisation which can exist on the advantages of both at the same time once again come to point where abundance of natural resources can be conserved as well as resurged.

This Smart Ruralisation will set us all in smaller society with less of concreting and more of natural and organic living. This is the secret of all the progresses and potential livings.

Thank you

Neysa Sanghavi – ‘Pura Vida’ Pure Life

Student IBDP 11, Singapore International School

+91 98202 26117

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6 thoughts on “BSE Forum: Reutilisation of natural resources for economic development

  1. Thank you for sharing this!
    In my humble opinion, the deterioration of nature is strongly linked to the anthropocentric point of view. However, we should not also completely neglect current effort made by the global community like sustainable development 🙂

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