Why am I going to Rwanda? What magnets me to genocide survivors? I am just a 17 year old teenager to travel to this other part of the world and be at refugee camp for few days to exactly know the heart and soul at this very moment more than two decades later the cruellest moments on so called sophisticated human history and behaviours.
I have always believed that life runs into cycles. Upside and downside to bring full circle of one entire phase. We live in phases. Phase of following inner wisdom followed by phase of logical scientific acceptance and now conjointly coming to the phase where both inner wisdom will have scientific face and vocal value. Science will as always had a base of spiritualism for all its discoveries and logical expression.
Rwandan genocide is one of the benchmark which could lead to this change. Change of phase not just for Rwandan or African people but for entire world.
It’s more than 20 years but the scars are still very much on their bodies in form of HIV and AIDS . On their minds that they are worthless. On their emotions for the loss of everything.
Why such massacres happen? Wars and massacres are man-made calamities. What it indicates and what should be the outcome or where they can be directed towards?
I want to dwell into this much deeper and relate it with the lives that remains as disaster after the man made tornados passes away. I want to enter into their condition today and come up with some ways that can restore and refost the life of human potential and human realities. Also some logical thoughtful mechanism which works well when such tornados start occurring in minds of people who create such disasters. May they be people in power or people in society but they must consider the aftereffects of such cruel acts. They must can be got to the peace and calm approach at the very beginning. I am looking forward to be coming up with some such mechanism. This is my purpose. This is my purpose of how I want to see life of people in my lifetime and many more upcoming lifetimes. I want to be with them not just to help them erase their scars and help them return to their normalcy but also to erase words and effects of man made calamities such as war or genocide.