My Experience with Rwandan Genocide Survivors


In my previous two blogs I wrote about what compelled me to go far away to Rwanda and what I learned as a larger picture. Now I wish to share my experience with the widow and children survivors and what their ground realities are and how they enriched me with their love and hospitality.

I want people from rest of the world to know people can still remain warm inspiring hopeful and building their futures despite holding unfathomable trauma and scars and hurts in their lives, despite of having least of resources and least hope from the world to know them and come forward for them. Despite having tagged as violent and poor in all senses, they are one of the most pure and beautiful people I have ever met.

They taught me what ground realities are and how to make the most out of the caste away situations. People talked about Genocide to gain focus and they did but hardly any of them have really come forward to heal their pain and to bring them back to the main stream of life. Most of these survivors are widows and children having nothing left out for them, even after 20 years of they are striving for their basic needs. They are very cheerful and warm people despite of shattering scars within. Rising from situation where from one would lost all the trust on human species and all hopes for future. But they are looking at future, joining hand heart together.  my speech at Indo African Delegation meet, Kigali, Rwanda    my TV interview with IGIHE TV, East Africa

Mom and me dancing with Genocide Survivors at their Avega Agahozo (local NGO) centre.

Being with them for 3 days I have learned that one has to breathe and keep oneself alive and get going with whatever is left one them. What I have felt here is that they need to be uplifted through some skill development and initial facilities which they can adapt and pursue. The entire process of product development which can yield them finances and along with they can regain self-belief and their overall progress. They get the opportunity to exhibit their potential and talent and create better livelihood. It is the only way they can wipe out and heal all the pains. It has lead me to come up with a concrete project which I can execute there. I am working on same in full support with my both parents and my school. I wish to see them as ‘able’ people and not the deprived ones.

Thank you

Neysa Sanghavi


8 thoughts on “My Experience with Rwandan Genocide Survivors

  1. You are amazing! Thank you for the follow – otherwise I wouldn’t have known about you and what you’re doing.
    Keep on bringing fresh eyes and your own perspective to the world, and with your drive, intelligence and compassion, you can make a positive impact. Best of luck to you and to those you touch.

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